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Raksha Bandhan Special: Eco Friendly Gifts for Your Siblings



Raksha Bandhan is coming. It is time to select the best gift for your sibling. And here is the main challenge. Selecting the gift for your sibling for Raksha Bandhan is always tricky. You need to select a thoughtful and unique gift that will convey your warmth and love to them.

In this age, when people are moving toward a sustainable lifestyle, there is no better option than eco-friendly gifts to your loved ones. It is a way to make them feel that you care for them. The eco-friendly gift is a promise to protect your siblings not only today but also in the coming time. Thanks to the online shopping experience, if your siblings are not around; your present can reach them. For that reason, many people order Plants Online so that they can be delivered to the desired address.

So, if you also want to search, for unique yet eco-friendly gifts for your siblings, then take a look here. We have prepared a list of environment-friendly gifting ideas for Raksha Bandhan so that you can look beyond the traditional sweet or chocolate boxes.

  1. Books: If your siblings are already bookworms, then you don’t need to worry. In case they are not; then give them the chance to become one. Books are the best friend of human beings. You can find out their respective interest and can select books accordingly. For example, if your cousin loves gardening, then you can give him/her books on flowering plants. They will surely love your thoughtful approach. For your little siblings pick some beautiful story books with illustrations. You can also gift them a gift card from the bookshop so that they can pick the most suitable books for themselves.
  2. Plants: For anyone, a plant is the best eco-friendly gift one can receive. A pot of flowering plants can brighten up the space and cheer her up instantly. There are many varieties of plants like succulents, lucky bamboo, bonsai, or any sort of flowering plant that you can choose from. There are many websites that deliver plants online. You just need to select the options, add them to the cart and confirm the order by finishing the payment. The plant will be on your doorstep within a few days. Thankfully, all the plants come with special care instructions for beginners. In the coming years, the plant will grow and get stronger just like your sibling bond.
  3. Handmade Personal Care: To keep your loving siblings safe from harmful chemicals, you can gift them the handmade personal care range. Those products are safe for the skin and carefully produced by skin specialists. They use natural and organic materials to make these products. You can select the hair and skin care products like face cream, face wash, face pack, shampoo, conditioner, oil, and many other things. You will find many online stores that have packages for skin and hair care that are organic and handmade.
  4. Organic Home Accessories: There are many items in our daily life where we can remove the use of plastic and other harmful things and replace them with bio-degradable and environment-friendly things. For example, you can gift them an earthen dinner set. The handmade terracotta dinner plates and bowls are so beautiful that many people love to have them. If your siblings are one of them then don’t miss the chance to make them happy. You can also give wooden accessories like trays, coasters, and beautiful racks and hooks that they will love to showcase and cherish for years.

So, here are some unique ideas for different gifts that you can get for your brother, sisters, or cousins on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Celebrate the bond by exchanging sustainable and eco-friendly gifts to make the planet a better world for everyone.

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