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What Are the Five Secrets That Fashion Wholesale Vendors Never Tell You?



Wholesale is not just a word, it’s a way of business! It has grown and expanded wider and wider throughout the globe. There is an ocean of wholesale vendors, distributors, and suppliers engaged in different businesses and industries, which is spreading the work chain across countries and oceans. But do you know these wholesalers have five principles that have made them the world’s leading industry?

Here is what they have, but never tell anyone!

A Factory Apparel Price That is lower than a Fashion Wholesale Vendors:

If you work in the fashion industry and have ever had a direct conversation with a fashion manufacturer, what price did they tell you? Did you ever compare the two prices—the price of the manufacturer and the wholesale price?

Let us explain! The price per unit of an item, if purchased directly from the fashion manufacturer, would be much less than the price per unit purchased by a wholesale vendor. It is because wholesalers want to keep the money they spend when purchasing stock from factories for their customers.

Where some wholesale vendors often price the item double the factory cost, a list of leading and reliable wholesalers like Blank Delta Apparel makes sure to value their customers’ money.

However, with private-label clothing, there is a way through which the profit margin could rise to a greater extent. Which is by cutting down on the middleman’s commission.

A Smart Alternative to Wholesale Apparel Sourcing Is White Label Fashion

Do you know this hack of wholesale inventory sourcing? Many boutiques do it to circumvent the design of clothes themselves. However, white label factory designs are also sourced by different and a huge number of online fashion stores and boutiques to achieve similar goals. But the benefit they get from sourcing white-label fashion designs is the cheaper price factor.

Moreover, it is also beneficial in terms of customization, because in sourcing white-label fashion, there is more room for customization. Is it becoming difficult to understand? Wait, let us explain to you what white label is.

A white label is a thing that describes a good or a service that is manufactured by one company for another company. It is usually for the purpose of rebranding to label that product as its own and then sell it to the end-users.

However, it is only possible when the actual manufacturer allows you to add your label to the product and allows you to sell it with your brand name. Furthermore, when it comes to rebranding, there are some white-label resources that would give the company a free hand to customize. If the company wants to customize anything, they use the white label factory design catalog to make changes like adjusting sleeve length, changing the print, or removing a color.

If you want to get recognition in the industry, partnering with emerging clothing labels and multi-brand retailers could make your path to success easier and hassle-free.

There are a number of advantages to this kind of partnership, which include:

  • The reduction of risk if the company is a startup fashion label
  • Well-known white-label fashion designers already know which products sell well.

The Pitfalls of Selling Clothing Products Already Established

Let’s look into some pitfalls of how it is unbeneficial to buy already established clothing products. Perhaps you believe that buying inventory must reduce the risk factor! If you think it could have worked for you, it could be the most venomous for you too. So, like other retailers, you may also be involved in purchasing products from wholesale vendors. But as the competition is higher and all retailers are following the same practices. It would become extremely daunting to bring in more customers and sell the products until and unless you lower the prices.

Beware of scammers

Where there is good, there is evil too! And in business, even a minor mistake could make you fall further behind. Here are some do’s and don’ts for finding the right wholesaler that would help you grow.

Now, make a list of these points or beware of scammers on your own! So, here comes the first don’t. Never ever ask a brand to give you the contact number of their wholesale vendors! Do not connect with them. Many brands are concerned about their wholesale vendors. They won’t risk this because their vendor would sell the same clothes to their competitors at the cheapest prices.

Also, make sure to do in-depth market research. Do not always look for the cheapest; do your research from all angles. It can be difficult to find a dependable, reputable, and professional wholesale vendor like Blank Delta Apparel. But once you do, maintain a healthy and friendly relationship for long-term benefit.


So, here are all the essentials you should know as a brand. When one comes into the world of fashion, wholesale, and business, it’s mandatory to know both the good side and bad side of the industry. So that you will always be ready for what’s coming next.


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